Lose the Fat & Gain Back Confidence

Over 65% of Australians are overweight, increasing their risk of developing cardiovascular disease, back problems, and some cancers. No matter your body shape, too much fat is unhealthy.

Our non-invasive cryolipolysis (aka fat freezing) treatments are scientifically proven to work. Freeze away fat and get the body you deserve.

  • Proven & Safe

    TGA approved, backed by science and clinically proven, with real results

  • Natural Sculpting

    Stimulating your body's natural response to medical grade technology, to look and feel your best

  • More Go Time

    Convenient treatments without recovery, to free your time for what really matters

  • Trust the Experts

    Our experienced team will guide you through every step


    Stubborn Fat Pockets


    We’ve all been there – calorie counting, endless cardio and fad diets. No matter what we try, stubborn fat won’t budge. Fat Freezing is the non-invasive alternative to liposuction.


    Double Chin


    If you're wondering, how can I get rid of my double chin? You're not alone – it’s one of the most popular treatments.


    Love Handles


    It's about time you've decided to break up with Love Handles. We know it's frustrating when you maintain a healthy lifestyle and those stubborn spots won't budge.


We Put the Cool in Sculpting

  • What is Fat Freezing?

    This fat loss procedure has become a popular choice for those looking to sculpt and trim their body without going under the knife. We've put together a comprehensive guide to unravel the intricacies of fat freezing so you can understand how it works and why so many people are talking about it. 

  • Debunking Man Boob Myths

    Many people waste time and money on methods that don’t provide results. When selecting a treatment option for man boobs, medically known as gynecomastia and generally referred to as “moobs" be sure to steer clear of ineffective methods.

  • Banana Rolls

    No matter what you do, stubborn genetically-blessed banana rolls can be difficult to shape with exercise and diet alone. Our revolutionary CLATUU Alpha fat freezing device is designed to target and sculpt that under-booty area, leaving you feeling confident.

  • Bye, Bye, Back Fat!

    We're all about feeling good and since you're here, we think you'll agree - it’s time to say bye to back fat or bra roll that's holding you... well, back! Our experts will tailor your treatment plan, depending on fat volume, to help you achieve your desired results.

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