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Did you know that the pressure of growing your baby and pregnancy causes stretching of muscles and connective tissue in your abdomen? Diastasis Recti, as it's medically known, can cause lower back pain, poor posture, and lead to muscle injuries. If you're not one of the lucky ones where this condition can repair itself, we have a fast, pain free and effective solution for you.

Our combined and powerful TESLAChair and TESLAFormer pain-free treatment re-builds your core and strengthens your pelvic floor. The TESLAFormer medical device uses market leading FMS (Functional Magnetic Stimulation) technology that can help repair your ab separation over time without the endless rehab exercises, muscle soreness or sweat sessions making it a great lunch time workout, if you’re short on time.

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Peace of Mind Guarantee

You’ve made the decision to Feel Good and we’re here to give you peace of mind. There are many considerations when undergoing face and body treatments like contraindications, desired outcome and minimum treatment requirements.

If we find during the consultation process that a pre-purchased treatment is not suitable for you due to medical contraindications or patient suitability, we commit to credit your purchase amount (at our discretion) to another treatment program. 

Your safety and wellbeing is important to us, it is conditional that you provide all information requested in completing consent forms or letting us know of any factors that may affect your treatment.

To ensure you get the right treatment, our experts have a focus on safety, suitability and care. So you can have peace of mind that your purchase feels good and is good for you. 

Repair Ab Separation

    TGA approved, backed by science and clinically proven, with real results you can trust


    Effectively stimulates muscle tissue without direct contact with skin, results seen with a few sessions


    A better way to treat symptoms holding you back from living a happier life


    Comfortable and painless - contracting your muscles at a fast and effective rate

How's it Work?


  • Deep Magentic Contractions

    On the treatment area your muscles will contract and release 50 thousand times. Afterwards, it leaves you with the feeling of having had a great workout without the sweat or exhaustion.

  • Comfortable & Fast

    The TESLAFormer & TESLAChair is the only medical device to stimulate abdominal, back, and pelvic floor muscles simultaneously. A comprehensive 360 rehabilitative solution to have you feeling stronger, faster.

  • Repair & Build Muscle

    Follow your prescribed plan, consisting of quick and simple 30 minute treatments which can strengthen muscles on areas of the body such as glutes, hamstrings, back, abdomen, legs, arms and more.

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What You Need To Know

Who needs to avoid this treatment?

Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) is a safe and clinically proven treatment with no known risks however, you need to avoid this treatment if you have:
- Been disagnosed with cancer
- Epilepsy
- Medication pumps
- Complete muscle tear at or near the site of stimulation
- Cardiac pacemakers, cardiac arrhythmia or a cardiac condition
- Severe active pulmonary conditions
- Implants made of ferromagnetic metal at or near the site of stimulation
- Metal stents/electrical implants
- Endometriosis at time of menstruation
- Open wounds, skin infections or lesions on or near the site of stimulation
- Recent surgery
- Hearing aid(s)

Those with endometriosis or an IUD may use the treatment under certain conditions. If you're under the age of 18 or are currently pregnant you will also need to avoid this treatment.

If you present with other conditions, we may ask you to refer to your GP or specialist for consultation and written approval to proceed.

Furthermore, stimulation provides benefits similar to an abdominal exercise without the effort, so it can help add to your exercise programs or treatment plans however it's not recommended as a replacement for proper ab muscle exercise.

How can I prepare for my treatment?

Not having any metal in the treatment area, such as metal studs in clothing, is important. Gym or active wear are most suitable options to wear on the day of treatment. The treatment is simple, 30 minutes, walk in-walk out with little preparation or downtime.

What is the treatment experience like?

Comfortable and painless - contracting your muscles at a fast and effective rate. You will be seated, fully clothed, in the comfortable TeslaChair for the treatment. We will start your treatment on the lowest intensity and gradually increase to your level of tolerance threshold. Intensity is adjusted based on each individual.

Are there any risks or side effects?

FMS is a safe and clinically proven treatment with no known risks. Our non-invasive treatments don't penetrate the skin meaning, no risk of infection or complication.

What symptoms can TeslaChair improve?

- Repair diastasis recti
- Urge urinary incontinence
- Stress urinary incontinence
- Faecal incontinence
- Weak pelvic floor muscles
- Erectile dysfunction
- Muscle repair
- Post natal tightening
- Rehabilitation after pelvic floor surgery
- Chronic back pain

Your Safety Comes First

Registered Medical Device Class IIa - ARTG Number 317701

Have confidence that we've invested in leading non-invasive, medical-grade technology for maximum results without the nasty side effects. Because not all devices are created equal.

The Therapeutic Goods Australia (TGA) is Australia’s government authority that regulate medical devices to help keep Australians healthy and safe. The regulatory requirements for medical devices in Australia are some of the most stringent in the world. That’s why we only use TGA registered devices at Total Body Clinics.