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Forget expensive, painful treatments riddled with considerable risk that don't last. Who doesn't want to achieve that tight, contoured, lifted look, the natural way? The non-surgical facelift is a comfortable, easy, and fast treatment that can be topped up once a year for long lasting effects. Giving you a major workout for your face without the sweat. The Ulfit handpiece targets the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) - the same layer that is lifted in a surgical facelift treatment.

Treatment includes complimentary LED light therapy. 

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You’ve made the decision to Feel Good and we’re here to give you peace of mind. There are many considerations when undergoing face and body treatments like contraindications, desired outcome and minimum treatment requirements.

If we find during the consultation process that a pre-purchased treatment is not suitable for you due to medical contraindications or patient suitability, we commit to credit your purchase amount (at our discretion) to another treatment program. 

Your safety and wellbeing is important to us, it is conditional that you provide all information requested in completing consent forms or letting us know of any factors that may affect your treatment.

To ensure you get the right treatment, our experts have a focus on safety, suitability and care. So you can have peace of mind that your purchase feels good and is good for you. 

Non-surgical Facelift
Non-surgical Facelift
Non-surgical Facelift
Non-surgical Facelift

    TGA approved, backed by science and clinically proven, with real results you can trust


    Stimulating your body's natural response to medical grade technology, to look and feel your best


    The ultimate lunch time pick me up treatments, with no downtime


    You'll feel a comfortable warmth, a slight vibration and tingling sensation

How's it Work?

clinically proven to regenerate, lift & tighten skin

  • Medical Grade

    The ground-breaking Ulfit applies 65-75 degrees of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) which is clinically proven to regenerate, lift and tighten skin.

  • Deep Penetration

    Ultrasound waves target precisely into multiple skin depths without damaging the surface of the skin. The focused ultrasound creates heat which stimulates tissue remodelling.

  • Permanent Results

    This process stimulates the generation of new collagen. Experience lasting firming and tightening with this non-invasive, comfortable, and effective treatment.

What You Need To Know

How can I prepare for my treatment?

Expect that we'll be in contact to book your appointment and guide you through the steps of your treatment program.

Complete your pre-screen form, ready for your consultation.

It’s worth knowing, we will remove any make-up on the treatment area to prepare for your treatment. If you’d like to re-apply make-up after your treatment, don't forget to bring your cosmetic products with you.

What is the treatment experience like?

After your consultation we'll start your treatment by cleaning and marking out the area.

Then, we'll move on to applying ultrasound gel, the handpiece is applied, and you will feel a warmth, a slight vibration and tingling sensation. It is a very tolerable and comfortable treatment, designed for maximum results.

Our experts will be asking for sensation feedback each step of the way.

What can I expect after the treatment?

Your skin should feel tighter, smoother, and more youthful. You may experience some redness and heat in the treated area directly after your treatment, and this should settle down and disappear within hours or in the 1-2 days that follow.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Our non-invasive treatments don't penetrate the skin meaning, no risk of infection or complication. Some people may experience a slight tenderness or sensitivity following this treatment, however think of it as a good sign that it's working it's magic deep within the skin layers.

You will need to avoid this treatment if you have:
- Open wounds, severe or cystic acne, skin infections or lesions on the treatment area
- Skin conditions caused by autoimmune diseases
- Skin cancer and herpes simplex
- Hypersensitiveness or hypertrophic scars
- Metal stents, electrical implants, or bio-absorbable mechanical implants
- Haemorrhagic disorders or other haemostatic dysfunction
- Diabetes or epilepsy, as this may cause skin healing concerns
- Decortication or heart diseases, as this may cause bruising
- Anticoagulant therapy, as bruising will occur

If you're currently pregnant or breastfeeding you will also need to avoid this treatment. If you present with other conditions, we may ask you to refer to your GP or specialist for consultation and written approval to proceed.

Time sensitive contraindications before your treatment are listed below:
- Anti-wrinkle injectables, you must wait 2 weeks
- Fillers, you must wait 2-12 weeks depending on the type of filler and depth injected
- Sculptra, you must wait 3-6 months
- Threads, you must wait at least 6 months depending on the type of threads used and a doctor's letter may be requested
- Surgery or scars, you must wait 12 months over the treatment area
- Cryotherapy, you must wait 2-4 weeks

Other normal aftereffects that may happen include:
- Redness, tenderness and/or swelling at first with some tingling. In most cases this will disappear within hours but on occasion it can remain for some weeks and it will eventually resolve itself.
- Temporary nerve inflammation, if experienced, will resolve in a few days or weeks.
- Rarely, some people may experience temporary bruising welts or numbness.
- Slight risk of a burn to the skin, which may or may not lead to scarring. Both a burn and any scarring will respond to medical treatment.

How can I enhance my results?

For the best results stick to the treatment plan that our expert team have tailored for your needs.

Look after your skin as part of your daily routine - drink plenty of water; avoid washing your skin with hot water; apply sun block to protect your skin and avoid exposure to extreme heat or cold; and consider taking collagen supplements to help boost your skin's elasticity.

Your Safety Comes First

Registred Medical Device CLASS IIB - ARTG NUMBER 278618

Have confidence that we've invested in leading non-invasive, medical-grade technology for maximum results without the nasty side effects. Because not all devices are created equal.

The Therapeutic Goods Australia (TGA) is Australia’s government authority that regulate medical devices to help keep Australians healthy and safe. The regulatory requirements for medical devices in Australia are some of the most stringent in the world. That’s why we only use TGA registered devices at Total Body Clinics.