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You're Not the Only One

  • Urinary incontinence affects up to 10% of Australian men and up to 38% of Australian women. Over half of women living with urinary incontinence are aged under 50.

  • 61% of men aged 45 or older experience some form of erectile dysfunction. Only 30% of men with moderate-to-severe erectile dysfunction discuss their problem with a health professional.

  • Muscle loss is a natural part of ageing, even with an active lifestyle. After age 30, you begin to lose 3-5% per decade as well as a progressive increase in fat mass.

  • Ab separation (aka diastasis recti) can affect up to 53% of women postpartum due to the stress of delivery. Both prevention and treatment are focused on core strengthening.

Let's Get Intimate

  • Pelvic floor strength

    Good for sex, good for life! The TESLAChair with revolutionary FMS (Functional Magnetic Stimulation) technology strengthens your pelvic floor muscles which in turn supports the lower back, bladder, and uterus. It helps to improve blood flow which can relieve symptoms of urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, pelvic floor pain, muscle weakness and more.

  • Bladder control

    The powerful TESLAChair uses FMS (Functional Magnetic Stimulation) to treat urinary incontinence without surgery. Clinical studies show improvements that are life changing. Better still, results are cumulative with noticeable improvements after every treatment. 

  • Repair ab separation

    Turbo-charge your core strength and recover from your abdominal separation with zero effort. Skip the endless rehab exercises, and try our combined and powerful TESLAChair and TESLAFormer pain-free treatment that re-builds core strength fast.

  • Back pain relief

    Found an innovative solution to all your back pain related headaches? Back pain is usually a result of improper lifting technique, poor posture and a general lack of regular movement. Strengthen your back using Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) on the ground-breaking TESLAChair and never look back!

  • Sexual healing

    It's time to turn to our best kept secret for men - the TESLAChair! This device is powered by revolutionary FMS (Functional Magnetic Stimulation) technology, enabling Pelvic Floor Muscle Therapy (PFMT). Yes, men are not exempt from the importance of strengthening their pelvic floor. Potential benefits include a management and improvement of erectile dysfunction symptoms. Even without any issues, this form of maintenance can prevent injury while boosting vital strength and virility!

  • Better orgasms

    If you've experienced pain with sex and an inability to orgasm, the TeslaChair increases blood flow which can provide effective relief. A few treatments can lead to improved sexual sensation and increased orgasmic potential. Why is that important? There are numerous health advantages like reduced blood pressure, a stronger immune system, better cardiovascular health, decreased depression and anxiety, more restful sleep and much more.


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