Functional Magnetic Stimulation in Regular Treatment of Sciatica

Introduction: Degenerative or traumatic causes are most common in generating sciatica syndrome, which is normally treated with well-known physical therapy methods. A relatively new way of treating sciatica problems is so-called functional magnetic stimulation (FMS), whose principle is based on electromagnetic field inducing electrical field inside the body. Electrical field triggers action potential of nerve cells and that way stimulates peripheral motor nerve system.

Aim: Aim of this study is to measure and estimate the effectiveness of implementing therapy with functional magnetic stimulation in regular physical treatment of sciatica syndrome.

Materials and Methods: 28 male patients aged between 30 and 55 with back problem were recruited on an outpatient basis. FMS therapy was performed with TESLA Stym® device (Iskra Medical d.o.o., Slovenia) treating lumbosacral region equally on both sides of the spine. Physical examination was performed to evaluate tree parameters: the mobility of the lumbar spine in flexion and extension, together with the straight leg raise test (Lasegue sign). We estimated patients’ progress, comparing angle values of mobility from the first examination day with other examination days.  

Results: In FMS treated group of patients, lumbosacral flexion, extension and Lasegue test angle were significantly higher compared to day 0 on the first physical examination day (day 3) (p < 0.05). In control group such increase of a measured angle was not noticed until a second physical examination day (day 5) or a third physical examination day (day 8) (p < 0.05).

Discussion: Results in this study showed that applying FMS therapy along with other standard physical therapy methods rapidly increased effectiveness of the treatment of sciatica syndrome (lat. ischialgia). It suggests that functional magnetic therapy could be suggested as a regular physical therapy method in treating this kind of pain syndromes.

Read the full study: The Effectiveness of the Functional Magnetic Stimulation Therapy in Treating Sciatica Syndrome